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The Revolutionary Socialist Network is a collective of independent local organizations and at-large activists working together to build a revolutionary socialist left current.

We aim to advance the interests of the working class by fighting exploitation and all its intersecting oppressions: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and all others. The capitalist system has failed. We need an international working-class movement, independent of all ruling-class parties, to fight for a sustainable, democratic, and socialist society that provides for all.

Our network was originally formed by former members of the now-defunct International Socialist Organization, but has since grown to include members from a variety of organizations across the United States. Membership in other organizations does not preclude anyone from joining us.

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By Our Affiliates

The United States: An Awakening Decades in the Making

By Speak Out Now

The potential for this period to unleash a deep-seated anger in the population has certainly not been lost on the ruling class. Senior Democratic Party politicians, along with local city officials have rushed in to promise changes to policing and makeovers to their cities as they remove monuments and various commemorations of slavery and racism. Large corporations have urgently responded by trying to remove overtly racist products and practices.

Police Brutality and Violent Protest

By Bill K
Boston Revolutionary Socialists

From the alternative traditions of Black Power militancy we need to remember the Black Panther Party’s motivations for legally arming themselves to defend their members and their communities against police violence. And we need to listen again to the unflinching voice of Malcolm X: “We are nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us.”

The MOVE house bombing 35 years later

By Socialist Resurgence

Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a home in a working-class neighborhood. The establishment narrative is that the bombing was the result of a “shootout” between Black radicals and cops, but this is not true. It was a military assault designed to wipe out the MOVE organization.

Are We “All in This Together”?

By Steve Leigh
Seattle Revolutionary Socialists

The coronavirus crisis has provoked different reactions. Many have responded with compassion, kindness, and solidarity. Some have used it as another opportunity for money gouging, scams, and rip offs. Collective human warmth and love has battled cold individual selfishness and hatred. Solidarity has fought racism. Social responsibility has combated hedonism.

It’s Their Ballot Line: Socialism and Elections

By Coco Smyth
Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists

Ultimately, there exists a massive disjuncture between reformist and revolutionary electoral strategy. While reformist electoralism aims to win majorities in the bourgeois parliament and advocate for reforms through methods of conciliation, collaboration, etc., revolutionary electoral work is directed at organizing forces for the class struggle.

Raising the Level of Confrontation Against ICE

By James Rotten
Denver Communists

“Your neighbor runs a concentration camp!” 200 people protested at the home of the warden of a private immigrant detention facility in Aurora, Colorado. A member of the Denver Communists provides an inside report on an action that incited a local firestorm.

Our Marxist Approach to Combating Women’s Oppression in Working Class Organizations

By Workers’ Voice / La Voz de l@s Trabajadores

Despite a vibrant legacy of mass movements and sociopolitical reforms achieved by the revolutionary Left, especially in the 1960s and 1970s, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of oppression are actively present and growing in our class.

cover image: Konstantin Yuon, “New Planet,” 1921